International Shipping Conditions

Shipping costs will be calculated individually, all orders will be send registered/insured. Orders from the EU (France, Netherlands,...)  have a maximum shipping cost of 15, depending on weight and size shipping costs will be lower (starting from 6 for orders up to 250g).
You can pay by PAYPAL (no additional fees) or bank transfer.

Orders from outside the EU (USA,...) don`t pay german VAT. So the order total is -19%/7% (wich will be calculated by us manually).

How to order

You can order by sending an email ( or through the shop front. Here is a short guide how to order through the shop front:

If you click on the picture or on "Details" you will see a larger size picture.

You can view your cart by clicking on "Warenkorb". If you click on "Zur Kasse" you can order the products in your cart.

After ordering your first time, you will get a password to log in when ordering again. When you log in, you don`t have to type your adress in again.

Fill out the adress form. If the billing adress is not the same as the delivering adress you have to check the button (and type in the delivering adress seperately).

First order summary. AGBs are the order conditions, you have to activate this button to order!

Last order summary. If you click on "Absenden" your order is finished and you will get an automated reply (with the order summary).

What happens now?

  1. After you have completed your order, you will get an automated email with the order summary.

  2. After we got your order, we will send you your Login and Password (if you are a new customer).

  3. We then check if everything is in stock, and send you an invoice with our bank account number and PayPal email.

  4. After we got the money from you, we will send your order to you..


You can contact us by mail: Important: Always use a related subject for your emails. If you don`t get a reply within 1-2 days, please send your email again.